losing marbles

losing marbles
au; jongyu
pg; 1784 words
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This fic is written for Fede’s (@ontokkiland) birthday. Sorry it took so long! The prompt for this fic was taken for Writing Prompts @ Reddit, wherein they specified the prompt as: A love story between a woman who takes everything literally and a man who speaks exclusively in metaphors. It was quite a challenge and i diverted from the challenge (quite liberally, too orz) but I enjoyed writing it, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, too!

Jinki looked out of the window. It was raining hard, but he couldn’t see any cats nor dogs. Maybe Jonghyun just saw some pets getting washed away by the rain? )


pet!au; jongyu
pg; 1434 words
a/n: this is not related to my /other/ pet au. why do i have so many of this seriously...

So, like I said, I just need one of you to take Jinki in for a few days while I’m in the school trip. )

seeing good

bandfic!slight ontae
pg; 658 words

Jinki always sees the good in people. )

all it takes is a simple thing

pg; 1210 words

a/n: i wrote this for minho’s birthday and also to experiment something :). after you read the fic (and hopefully like it, please make sure to read the author’s notes after. it will explain why i call this a reversific. it took me a while to write this, so i hope it is liked. happy reading!

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the art of brushing

pg-13; 1000 words
warnings: ...toothbrushing kink?

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mirrors never lie, or why kibum shouldn't buy princess vanities on sale

mirrors never lie, or why kibum shouldn't buy princess vanities on sale
bandfic, onkey
pg, 2300 words
a/n: this is for [livejournal.com profile] theparadoxic's birthday, apologies that it's rushed because i was pressed for (free) time :(.

It was just a split second, when Kibum looked up to check his fringe on the mirror attached to his princess vanity across his bed. He was expecting to see his own tired face staring blankly back at him. )


bandfic; ontae
pg; 739 words

a/n: An anon from twitter requested an OnTae fic from me and this is the best I can come up with /sobs. I’m pretty rusty, sorry :(. I hope this still delivers anyway.

The dorm was empty when they arrived. Jonghyun must be in his radio show, Key in his own rehearsals, and Minho…well, only God knew where Minho went. )

only they know

only they know
bandfic; jongyu
pg-13; 500 words

a/n: An anon once requested me a fic about “JongYu talking about JongYu” and this is the result. It’s not really “talking about JongYu” per se, but I hope this one is alright…if they remember requesting this at all..

What do you think of the idea of pairing you up with each other? For example, Jonghyun-ssi with Onew-ssi? )