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various pairings
pg to r

a/n: these one-sentence fics were from the one-sentence meme i did at tumblr wherein someone would send me an incomplete sentence and i have to continue it. pairings and ratings are indicated before each sentence. also, i cheated in some sentences so they're mostly impossibly long sobs. please tolerate.

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how to be a hyung
taemin-centric ot5; pg
580 words
prompt + tumblr link

Jinki gripped the phone so hard, they thought it was going to crack.

“What’s going on, hyung?” Minho asked, impatient and anxious.

Their leader ended the call and looked at them with a pained look. “It’s Taemin. He got into an accident.”

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santa baby

Jan. 8th, 2013 04:57 pm
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santa baby
onew-centric ot5
pg-13; 1279 words
inspired by this imagineyourotp prompt

It was a bad idea playing Santa for their Christmas party, Onew thought as the urge to massage his thighs came up again. He had been coerced by some of their sunbaenim to dress up as Santa for their annual Christmas party. The downside was that he had to sit on the uncomfortable armchair for a few hours. The benefits though, outweighed that. For one, the entire SNSD and f(x) might sit on his lap while whispering to him their wishes. That was a thought Onew dared not entertain, but he had to admit he blushed just thinking about it. Then there was the "good feeling" (according to his SuJu sunbaenims) he'd acquire because of all the giving. Yeah, it was unbelievable how Onew even fell for that one. He wouldn't be surprised if Taemin started calling him Saint Jinki, Patron of the Easily Fooled one of these days.

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five phases of exploration
taemin/everyone; pg-13
3961 words
a/n: Hello! This is my first SHINee fanfic, and I've only been in the fandom for what...a month? I believe I am sorely lacking, but I hope you'll enjoy reading! Please treat me well ♥.

Jonghyun once said that when one comes of age, he or she should expect three gifts: flowers, perfume, and kisses. )


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