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a/n: these one-sentence fics were from the one-sentence meme i did at tumblr wherein someone would send me an incomplete sentence and i have to continue it. pairings and ratings are indicated before each sentence. also, i cheated in some sentences so they're mostly impossibly long sobs. please tolerate.

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vampire!au; onkey; pg
432 words / 281 words
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a/n: This is a two-part drabble that didn't fully develop into a complete fic. Basically, they're just scenarios of an incomplete vampire!OnKey fic. I really loved the concept and I felt it was a pity to leave them as such, so I'm posting them here so I can use them later if I ever decide to complete the fic :).

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Mar. 30th, 2013 11:04 pm
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onkey; pg
599 words
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Jinki woke up to the sound of pacing in front of his bedroom. Blinking back sleep, he yawned and headed for the door, opening it just a crack to let a sliver of light in so he could see what was going on outside.

Dragging his feet around as he paced, Kibum was alone in the hallway, walking back and forth while muttering to himself. He has both his hands buried in his hair, his head bowed as he retraced his steps over and over across Jinki’s bedroom door.

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