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pg; 1210 words

a/n: i wrote this for minho’s birthday and also to experiment something :). after you read the fic (and hopefully like it, please make sure to read the author’s notes after. it will explain why i call this a reversific. it took me a while to write this, so i hope it is liked. happy reading!

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mage queen!au; jongyu
pg; 4380 words
sum: jinki is male, but possesses the mage power to rule the queendom of caelestia. that is why he is raised to be female and to inherit the queendom. but what will happen if one night, he was kidnapped and held hostage in an airsship by pirates who wouldn't tell their true intentions?
a/n: this fic is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] prinxing :). Happy 7th Anniversary, SHINee!

Maybe instead of keeping me hostage, we can go down and you can visit Caelestia in good intention… )
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goddess rising (prologue + chapter one only)
gundam!au; onho/taekey, eventual jongyu/minkey
mecha, drama, action; pg-13
this part @ 10 000 words

summary: Jinki Lee was just a student eager to please his professors by developing a shielding technology more advanced than anything else. He never realized that in the course of trying to pass his finals, he'd be caught up in the strains of the impending war between Naturals (normal humans) and Newtypes (enhanced, evolved humans). Without warning, Jinki is introduced to a Goddess. Now, he and his Goddess need to work, together with ace pilot Minho Choi and mysterious heir to the throne Kibum Kim to protect their mother ship Quincy and survive until they reach the Earth. But aside from those, Jinki still had a lot of questions, like what is the Pandora's Box and how can it stop the wars? Who is Taemin Lee and why is Kibum obsessed with him? Why can't Jinki forget about the blond-haired Newtype who almost got him killed?

author's notes: So, I didn't finish my Nano and ended up doing a little over 50%. However, the written parts aren't perfect so I'm still reading and nitpicking over them, LOL. The majority of this multichapter is based on Gundam Seed/Wing/00/Unicorn so there are a lot of similarities I'd like to apologize for beforehand. The reason I'm posting this is because I'm not sure if many people will be interested in such a concept/genre, so I'm a bit hesitant in completing it. I do hope someone reads this part and likes it ; w ;. Thank you!

It was not Jinki’s lucky day. )
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various pairings
pg to r

a/n: these one-sentence fics were from the one-sentence meme i did at tumblr wherein someone would send me an incomplete sentence and i have to continue it. pairings and ratings are indicated before each sentence. also, i cheated in some sentences so they're mostly impossibly long sobs. please tolerate.

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minkey; pg-13
439 words
tumblr link

A/N: This is part of my picture prompt meme in tumblr wherein people will send an image and I'll write a fic that is somehow related to it. There are only three fics in this series and I'll post only two of them :).

Kibum feels like his eardrums are bursting and that his heart is going to pop out of his ribs. )


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