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2min; fanboy!au
pg; 1085 words
prompt + tumblr link

Taemin brushed away some of the leaves on his hair before settling down, making himself comfortable under the bushes. His long hair got caught on some of the branches, but he’d rather go home with hair like a nest than be discovered from his hiding place. He maneuvered his legs sideways so that they didn’t stick out on the other side of the bush and scare other passers-by.

Deftly, Taemin adjusted the settings for his zoom lens and fitted it on the camera, the tip of his tongue sticking out of his lips in concentration. He crouched low and peered into the camera, surveying the area the view encompasses, then zooming in to his target.

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get me

Mar. 30th, 2013 12:00 pm
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get me
2min; au; pg
523 words
prompt + tumblr link

Minho jumped over a dead log and ran through the trail, mud splashing with every fall of his sneakers and brambles and thorns scraping his skin. His foot slipped on the soil and he cursed a bit, rushing towards the bottom of the path while trying his best not to slip again. The rain was pouring, but it didn’t deter Minho from his running. He had to reach the bottom of the path.

He had to find him.

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a crepe-y situation
2min, minkey; pg
450 words
prompt + tumblr link

“Look out!!”

Taemin turned around to find a tower of pastries collapsing over him. As he watched the tower topple towards him, he wondered if he’d smell like pastries if he ever died under an avalanche of some. But even before he could finish his thoughts, he was swept away from the toppling arrangement and found himself on the floor, staring up at his co-worker.

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Mar. 30th, 2013 11:49 am
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slight 2min, minkey
pg; 1235 words
prompt + tumblr link

Minho didn’t know how or why it happens. All he knew is that it came up randomly. Hell, he didn’t even know where he got it from. He just woke up one day, shocked and speechless at the revelation he just had.

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