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hospital!au; jongyu
pg-13; 589 words
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Dr. Lee Jinki was known to be a very cheerful man. Even though he’s had back-to-back 24 hours shifts in emergency or even after he had grueling sessions with angry pregnant women, Jinki still managed to offer everyone a wide smile and a greeting. That was one of the (few, he said) things Jonghyun liked about the good doctor.

So when Jinki arrives at work looking like a storm’s brewing on his face, Jonghyun was a bit concerned. “What’s wrong?” he hesitantly asked as Jinki plopped down his seat in the office. “You look like someone killed your whole family.”

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nurse kim kibum
minkey, onkey, taekey
pg-13; 1875 words
this is for [livejournal.com profile] 123shots for being such a darling commenter! ♥ i hope this delivers.

"I can't find my underwear."

Jonghyun slammed his locker door closed. "What? How do people even lose their underwear? Did you take them off before making rounds?" Jinki choked on his own saliva at Jonghyun's comment but he dared not cut in.

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dr. choi minho
minkey; taekey
pg-13, 1038 words


Kibum rolled his eyes as he handed the surgeon the tool. He was supposed to be in a convention halfway across town, having fun and socializing with people who might be able to up his status into head nurse, especially since the head nurse was taking an extended leave. But no, a jerk of a surgeon had to call him for assistance--in a minor hand operation, mind you--because apparently no one was available to help him. Now he's stuck with the doctor without the possibility of ever making it in time for the convention.

"I am going to suture."

"Sure, whatever."

The doctor paused, eying Kibum with mild curiosity. "What did you say?"

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dr. lee taemin
pg-13; 860 words

"I heard you're going to a surgery today." Taemin fell into step with him. "I thought you mostly do paperwork since the head nurse is away?"

Kibum sighed as he filed some papers in a folder while walking. "I do. But someone was absent and I need to fill in. It's been busy in the emergency ward so I can't take anyone from there. Which leaves me, of course."

"You'll do good. You've been in surgery for quite some time before you were promoted, right?"

Kibum watched Taemin's attention slightly waver as he looked around when they passed by a nurses' station. "I was only in surgery when we were going out because they didn't want me anywhere near you in the wards." He flipped his hair and sighed once more. "And stop looking at the nurses' asses, you creep."

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