Feb. 21st, 2013 02:17 pm
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onho; pg
881 words

Jinki looked up from his struggle with a uniformed policeman as the elevator door opened, eyes widening as he saw a familiar figure frowning down them from the doorway.

"What is going on here?" Minho coldly asked the policeman.

The policeman quickly snapped a salute and edged away from Jinki, who was holding his precious bag to his chest as he pressed his back to a corner of the elevator. "Sir, ah. I was just...well."

"He was inviting me to lunch," Jinki simply said.

Minho looked at Jinki from head to toe. "He was inviting you to lunch while dragging your coat off and tousling your hair?"

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autopsy room #1
taekey; pg-13
872 words

"Okay, now hold this clamp firmly while I open this guy's stomach."

Taemin nodded, in full concentration, as he watched Kibum plunge something into the dead man's body for the sake of science. He was feeling nauseous from the smell of formalin and death, but he figured he'd do anything by now if it meant having their coroner at very near proximity--so close he had probably inhaled all of Kibum's fruity scent which was surprisingly strong considering they're working in a literal dead zone.

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at the bar

Feb. 12th, 2013 06:59 pm
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at the bar
taekey, onho; pg-13
1278 words

"I think...I think...Kibum-hyung likes me."

Jonghyun stared at the boy across him, wondering if Taemin was already drunk or just fantasizing. "Yes, he likes you. No, he doesn't want to sleep with you."

Taemin pouted before chucking a crumpled tissue at Jonghyun. "Liar. He couldn't resist me because I'm cute." He took a sip from his glass and frowned as he swallowed. "I let him put ribbons in my hair, we're that close."

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forensics lab – morgue
slight taekey; pg
837 words

Jinki was told that the city's best forensic scientist worked in his district and he was about to meet him now. He'd only heard good things about the guy, except the occasional 'he's so hard to figure out' and 'he's such a slut' which he thought applied to almost everyone in the scientific field, so he let those comments slide. He pictured a large, magnificent laboratory with pristine white walls, very much unlike his cramped up space in the third floor. That and the respected doctor would welcome him, a fellow colleague, with a calculating smile and they would discuss new DNA techniques over coffee.

Everything sounded too good to be true, but hey, if it was a revered scientist, Jinki's imagination shouldn't be far from reality.

Jinki was in speechless shock. They stood awkwardly in the middle of a dark, cold morgue in the basement, staring at someone who stood in front of a dead body while dangerously wielding a whirring chainsaw.

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head inspector's office
slight onho; jongyu
758 words

“So, you contaminated the crime scene.”

Jinki shifted his weight from one foot to another and gulped audibly before slowly nodding. He couldn't even dare look at his superior's eyes, opting to watch the carpet by his feet. Behind him, Taemin and Jonghyun watched nervously.

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