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Happy new year!

The following is just a trial fic, mainly because I just watched To the Beautiful You and had a thought that "SHINee should totally do a parody of To the Beautiful You wherein Taemin enters an all-boys school and the students keep insisting he’s a girl in disguise who sneaked into the school to get close to Minho" as I mentioned in my tumblr.

I don't think I'll be posting this in fic comms, it's incomplete and kind of embarrassing, rofl.

They said that a girl dressed herself as a guy to get into our school so he could get close to Minho. )
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at your convenience part 2
ontae, minkey; pg
au! humor, fluff
3949 words

Taemin wondered if his mascara was smudging.

It's funny, how he kept thinking of the most mundane things when he's here standing by the entrance of a small hotel hall in all his girly glory. It was funny how his dress was too tight at the waist and too billowy around the knees, how his long hair was painfully full of pins, how his Adam's apple could peek out anytime from the high collar, how his lace gloves were so itchy against his wrists, how it was difficult to walk around even in low heels, how everything felt absolutely out of place; yet all Taemin was thinking of was if his mascara was smudged.

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