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dr. kim jonghyun 3

hospital!au; jongyu
pg-13; 1205 words

“I was hoping you could check the neurologist’s findings and operate on her, Dr. Choi.” Jonghyun watched the neurosurgeon carefully, looking for signs of affirmation, but Minho seemed distracted and uninterested as he leafed through the patient file. Jonghyun tried to push a bit. “I mean, I think her situation’s really delicate and I can’t have but the best neurosurgeon in the region attend to her.”

The tiny gleam in Minho’s eyes told Jonghyun that he was almost successful. He patiently waited as Minho finished reading the file, then placed his fingers on his chin, as if thinking it through. Jonghyun couldn’t help but notice Minho’s fingers–they’re so long and smooth, as expected of a surgeon.

But really, Minho’s hands are so big and nice…

A sharp cough cut the silence and Jonghyun turned to his side to glare at his companion.

“She really needs urgent surgery, judging from the neurologist’s diagnosis,” Minho finally said, closing the file. “And you told me she came to your clinic because she thought she has schizophrenia? How could the patient even diagnose herself like that?”

Jonghyun shrugged. “Well, some patients look up their own symptoms, whether they’re real symptoms or just caused by paranoia. I guess WebMD made her freak out, which was good in a way since we managed to give her tests and discovered the swelling.”

“I see.” Minho then opened the file again. “And, is she pregnant?”

“What? No.”

“Then why is Jinki-hyung here? I thought he was here because he’s her gynecologist.”

Jonghyun gave Jinki a wilted look while the other doctor made a small wave with his hand. “Ahaha. No. I just happened to…pass by and I decided to accompany Jonghyun, here. Just to be safe, you know?”

Minho’s brow rose. “What do you mean by safe? My office is on the administrative floor.”

Jinki leaned back to his seat and smiled. “Well, Jonghyun here is so prone to getting jumped on and there’s a rumor that in this wing resides a doctor who tries to charm everyone he meets, so we can’t be too careful, can we?” He gave Minho a knowing look before turning to Jonghyun and smiling at him in turn.

“Isn’t that doctor you, Jinki-hyung?” Minho challenged. The two held gazes for a while before Jonghyun sighed loudly. Clearing his throat, Minho stepped away from the challenge and nodded to Jonghyun. “Don’t worry, Dr. Kim. I’ll see to it that the patient is well cared for. I’ll personally meet with the neurosurgeon to discuss options with her.”

Jonghyun beamed and stood up to shake Minho’s hand. “Oh, thank you very much! I’m so sorry for the short notice, but I appreciate it! I’ll do anything to repay you.” Somehow, he thought he heard Jinki let out a scoff behind him, but he was too busy being thankful towards the neurosurgeon.

“Oh, I’m sure you can repay me right now,” Minho’s eyes gleamed as he gripped Jonghyun’s hand tightly.

“Wha–” Jonghyun gasped a bit as Minho pulled on his hand, dragging him a bit closer. “Dr. Choi?”

Minho’s handsome face broke into a smile. Then he raised his eyes to look behind Jonghyun. “Don’t worry, Jinki-hyung, I’m not interested in him. I’m interested in something else.”

“What something else?” Jonghyun and Jinki said in unison.

Minho let Jonghyun’s hand go but stepped closer. “Well, if I heard it correctly, you went out with a nurse from this hospital a year ago, right? What can you tell me about this nurse?”

“I do not believe this.” Jonghyun leaned his forehead against the elevator wall. “Minho. The greatest neurosurgeon in the history of this hospital. The charismatic, gentle, charitable doctor. Is head over heels with Kibum.”

Jinki laughed and stood beside him, pressing the close button. “Why not? It seems Kibum’s attracted to him, too. Also…it might be wishful thinking but Minho might be able to stop Kibum from dating around.”

Jonghyun turned around to face Jinki and laughed, too. “You’re right. That possessive, obsessive doctor won’t let him go once they’re together. Minho won’t let Kibum off his hands.”

“True.” Jinki looked thoughtful for a moment, smoothing down his coat, before turning towards Jonghyun. “You seem really fascinated with Minho’s hands.”

“I’m…” Jonghyun met Jinki’s eyes and swallowed. He knew Jinki knew about him staring at Minho’s hands. “I wasn’t…I just thought surgeons’ hands are really nice. And precious. Since you know…they should be steady all the time and…”

“Hmm…I see.” Jinki nodded as if satisfied, but Jonghyun could feel his hands wrapping themselves along the sides of Jonghyun’s hips.

“Yah, Lee Jinki. This is a public pla–”

“Say, Dr. Kim. Your patient for surgery…Ms. Kang, right? She probably has a contusion or swelling in her brain.” Jinki moved in, his breath fanning against Jonghyun’s hair. “Where was the injury located again?” One of his hands crept upwards, resting against Jonghyun’s neck.

Jonghyun, panicking, turned to look at the elevator buttons. They were almost at the floor where Jinki needed to be. “Jinki, I think we should…ah…”

Jinki pressed him firmly against the corner of the elevator. “Maybe, against the temporal lobe?” he muttered against Jonghyun’s hair as he pressed slightly under Jonghyun’s ear. “Or maybe…near the frontal lobe?” he said as he ran his fingers towards Jonghyun’s forehead to the top of his head. Jonghyun could feel his heartbeat quickening. “Maybe it’s in the occipital lobe, though highly unlikely,” Jinki continued, running his fingers downwards towards the back of Jonghyun’s head.

“Jin…ki…” Jonghyun gasped, his hands clenching and unclenching in his own coat. “Stop…”

Jinki’s other hand crept up and tipped Jonghyun’s chin upwards so he was facing Jinki. “Stop? Should we talk more about fingers, then? I know all about phalanges, Dr. Kim. Maybe I can show you how I use them in my profession?” He started leaning even closer when the elevator dinged and the door opened.

Before Jonghyun could take another shaky breath, Jinki was off him and instead walking towards the door, giving him a small wave. “I’ll see you later, Dr. Kim!” Then, as naturally as someone not doing anything questionable in the elevator, Jinki stepped off and nodded to the other Dr. Lee who was getting on.

Jonghyun licked his lips and swallowed, straightening up as Taemin closed the elevator once more. Stupid Jinki didn’t even think of the time and place, just because Jonghyun couldn’t stop looking at Minho’s hands.

Well, it wasn’t like Jinki’s fingers were ugly, Jonghyun thought as he leaned his back against the wall. In fact, their shape was interesting and their girth was really…they really…felt…

“Ahem. Dr. Kim.” Taemin faked a cough and looked at Jonghyun from the corner of his eye.


The elevator dinged again and Taemin prepared to get off. As he walked, he glanced over his shoulder to Jonghyun.

“You might want to straighten your coat. It’s not Everest but it’s showing.” With a small wave, he left and the elevator closed.

Jonghyun stared dumbly at the young doctor until the doors closed. As they closed, he saw his reflection at the mirror-like surface and realized what Taemin was talking about.



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