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pet!au; jongyu
pg; 1434 words
a/n: this is not related to my /other/ pet au. why do i have so many of this seriously...

“So, like I said, I just need one of you to take Jinki in for a few days while I’m in the school trip.”

When his three friends just sat in front of him, mouths open, Jonghyun turned to his cat, who sat quietly beside him on the couch. He then picked a piece of sausage from his plate and brought it near Jinki, who sniffed at the sausage warily before taking it into his mouth.

That seemed to wake his friends up as Kibum heaved a long sigh. “Jjong, you know we came here with the thought that you’ll be leaving a cat in our care.”

Jonghyun nodded. “Yes, my pet Jinki.”

Silence loomed over them again until Taemin spoke up. “Jonghyun-hyung, where exactly do you go to buy humans as pets?”

Jonghyun blinked at them before he finally understood. He was just so used to it by now that he forgot how his friends didn’t know about Jinki. “Ah, sorry.” He turned to Jinki once more, who peered at them from under his fringe. Outside, he looked like a normal teen—a cap, plain shirt, windbreaker, jeans, and a pair of sneakers. But his situation was more complex…

“It’s a bit complicated and difficult to understand, but Jinki here is really my cat. He…well, I found out when I took him in that he turns into a human from 9 pm to 6 am. But for the rest of the day, he’s just a normal cat.”

Minho took a bite out of his hamburger before speaking. “Hyung, you never questioned why a cat you adopted would just turn into a human? Don’t you think that’s really weird?”

Kibum sighed again. “Knowing him, he probably just went with it without even panicking. He’s so laid back, I’m telling you…What if it’s a scam? Like a hidden camera or something? What if someone’s just messing with you?”

“Maybe it’s a demonic possession,” Taemin thoughtfully said. “Maybe we need an exorcist.”

Jinki immediately edged backwards as they all spoke, that Jonghyun had to raise his hands to stop them. “Okay, okay, we don’t need an exorcist, please!” Jonghyun gave Taemin a stern look. “I swear I will explain to you sooner or later, since I also need to ask for your advice. But for now, I just really need someone to take him in for a couple of days. He can fend for himself most of the time, but I’m still worried something might happen when no one’s around him.”

“One question,” Kibum said, raising his finger as he leaned in closer. “You are sure that this is not a scam, Kim Jonghyun? This…Jinki will not steal our valuables or murder us in our sleep or something, and you’re sure about that?”

Jonghyun huffed. “Hey, nothing happened to me!” he exclaimed, silently hoping his face wasn’t turning red as he spoke. Well, some things did happen but none of them needed to know that. “Jinki wouldn’t do something like that, right?” He turned to Jinki with a smile.

“I’m…” Jinki played with the fraying edges of his shirt, his hair covering his eyes. The whole arrangement of leaving him to other people must’ve made him nervous, and now that Jonghyun’s friends were doubting him, he was probably more anxious than ever.

Before Jinki could tear up the rest of his shirt, Jonghyun inched closer to him. “Hey,” Jonghyun softly said, “it’s going to be okay. My friends are good guys, too. And I’ll come back for you as soon as I finish the trip.”

Jinki slowly tilted his head to face Jonghyun, holding gazes with him before finally nodding. He agreed, but Jonghyun could see the wary in his eyes, could feel the slight tremble in his fingers. Still, he decided not to coddle his pet. The less coddling, the more independent Jinki would be. Jonghyun read it once in a book for raising dogs. It would also probably work for overdependent kitties.

“It’ll be fine, Jinki,” Jonghyun finally said, raising his hand to rest under Jinki’s chin, tipping his head up slightly. Somehow, habit kicked in and Jonghyun started moving his fingers, rubbing-scratching under Jinki’s chin.

Jinki closed his eyes and started to purr.

Kibum slammed his glass on the table, sloshing juice everywhere. “For God’s sake, please stop. This is a public place!”

“What? They allow pets in here, don’t they?” Jonghyun said, but stopped petting Jinki anyway. “So, who among you can take him in from Friday to Sunday?”

Taemin raised his hand. “I can do it! Also, he turns into a cat most of the day, right?”


“Great. I think it’s mating season for the cats in my neighborhood right now. Maybe I should make him breed with my neighbor’s cat an see if they can make kittens than turn to children?”

“What the hell are you saying?” Minho cried.

“I thought it would be a nice opportunity to test out a—“

Jonghyun looked mortified. “NEVER MIND. I will not allow Taemin near Jinki anymore!”

Taemin looked at Jonghyun unbelievingly. “You’re the one who wanted our help…”

“That was before I realized how much of an evil scientist you are!”

“I can take him in.” Kibum produced a paper bag from under the table. “I even brought accessories for him.” He then proceeded to bring out his kitty accessories, ranging from fuzzy, spiky collars to lacy socks to knitted hats to a jacket that says “kitty freak”, among other things.

“Hey, that’s not fair! I want to take him in, too!” Minho protested. “I also bought stuff for him!” Rummaging in his backpack, Minho laid out his kitty stuff, including a baby bottle, a frilly bib, a ribbon headband, a small soccer ball, and other things.

Kibum scoffed at Minho. “Are you sure you’re ready to take in a cat and not a baby?” He twirled the bib around a finger. “A bib on a kitty? Are you in your right mind, Choi?”

“Excuse me? You’re the one who’s not in their right mind. Jonghyun-hyung told us beforehand that Jinki is a male but you brought, what, princessy punk frills? Are you a high school girl?”

“Why are you being judgmental?! Just because you brought a soccer ball doesn’t mean you’re manly—“

“I’m not being sexist! I’m just saying I am the more responsible cat sitter here!”

“Says who?!”

“Says me, Kibummie!”

Taemin yawned. “This is why you should choose me. I’m the most responsible adult here.”

“Yah, Lee Taemin!”

Jonghyun stared at the squabble and sighed, rubbing his forehead with his palm. These three persons were the greatest friends for him, but Jonghyun wasn’t sure if Jinki would be safe in their hands. As expected, he didn’t want to leave Jinki anywhere anymore.

Jinki stared at the ongoing debate. His anxiety made cat ears spring from the top of his head, nudging his cap askew. Behind him, his tail swished nervously, flicking against Jonghyun’s hand resting on the seat.

“Jinki,” Jonghyun softly said. When Jinki turned, eyes wide, Jonghyun gave him a smile. “Are you okay with traveling with me on a ship? I’m not sure if you’re fine with water travel so I wanted to leave you behind but…” he gestured towards the three across them. “…I guess I don’t want to leave you with these guys.”

Taemin, Kibum, and Minho stopped arguing, a look of hurt passing over their faces.

Jonghyun quickly continued. “Ah, it’s not that I don’t trust you guys! It’s just that…well, you know by now how sensitive Jinki’s nature is. I decided I don’t want to take up most of your time and space by asking you to take Jinki in.”

Actually, he really didn’t trust them, but who knows how they’d react if he told them so.

Kibum made a face, but eventually agreed. “A pet would feel the most comfortable with its owner anyway, even during travel.”

Jonghyun turned to Jinki once more, raising a hand to brush away hair covering his face. “So, are you willing to travel with me?”

Jinki looked worried, but he stopped shaking. His ears and tail disappeared, and he was more relaxed. “I guess…” he started, averting his eyes from Jonghyun’s stare. “I guess if you give me enough tummy rubs…”

“Good boy.” Jonghyun pressed his fingers against Jinki’s cheek, and Jinki turned to lick over them affectionately.

“Jjong, please! We don’t need this sort of PDA right now!”

“But is that even PDA? Since Jinki-ssi is a cat and all…”

“I could give better tummy rubs I think…”

“No one asked you, Taemin!”


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