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all it takes is a simple thing

pg; 1210 words

a/n: i wrote this for minho’s birthday and also to experiment something :). after you read the fic (and hopefully like it, please make sure to read the author’s notes after. it will explain why i call this a reversific. it took me a while to write this, so i hope it is liked. happy reading!

All it takes is a simple thing.

Minho studies the bottle closely, bending his knees a bit so his eyes were level with the small sticker stuck to the side of the small, but elaborately decorated, vessel. His breath hitches as he confirms what is written on the label. It really is a love potion according to what is written. It is the love potion. Minho’s last hope.

Minho isn’t usually the type to believe in the supernatural or occult or even cheesy alternatives, but somehow he feels like this is his last resort. He isn’t good with words, and he is inexperienced that he doesn’t know how to express his feelings in his actions. The thing he can do is wait, and this…thing just speeds up the process.

He picks a quiet day in the middle of the week, when all the members are too tired, too busy, too whiny to care about anything. Everyone barges into the dorm and collapses into their respective bedrooms, not even thinking about what they should eat or if they should take a bath. All of them sank thankfully into their beds, except Minho, who makes a beeline for the top cupboard in kitchen to retrieve something.

Only three drops will do the trick, Taemin has advised, but Minho thinks he could put in half for a more promising effect.

Minho watches Kibum down his coffee, licking his lips afterwards as he relishes the taste. He says something about how he misses his coffee since Japan’s coffee is so different. Minho tries to make a smart comment, to ask the other guy if he wants another cup so Minho can make one for him, but Kibum is already occupied with scolding Jinki for wearing his clothes inside out.

Minho sighs.

Days turns to weeks, but Kibum has not shown any signs of warming up. He remains attentive to Minho’s (actually SHINee’s) needs and is still the naggy, scolding echo in their dorm. He declares himself available for advice (fashion or otherwise) and still gives Minho a smile or a recognizing pat every time they meet. But there is not a single hint of any growth in Kibum’s affection towards Minho.

It is rather vexing.

Minho plops down on the couch and glares at Taemin, the person who suggested his plan in the first place. Taemin shrugs. “It does work, hyung,” he declares. “I tried it myself and you see the result.”

Suddenly, the front door flies open and Jonghyun waltzes in, singing something about their “angel Taemin”. As he enters the threshold, he spies Taemin in their lounge and he sucks in a breath. “Fairy prince…” He starts to approach Taemin but catches himself upon seeing Minho. Jonghyun stutters. “I…I’ll be in our room.” He shoots a meaninful glance at Taemin as he leaves.

Taemin gives him a smile. Minho stands beside the couch and sulks. “It won’t work. Nothing will.”

“Maybe you just need to be less complicated and look at things simply,” Taemin helpfully suggests as Minho paces to and from his room. “You know maximum parsimony? It’s an evolutionary term that means events can occur in the simplest way with the least amount of steps. Maybe you just need to look at things from a simpler, easier angle.” he tries again as Minho gives him an exasperated look. Minho was sure that term meant something else.

“Stop watching too much evolution documentaries, Taemin.” Minho whines as Taemin sinks onto the couch and turns on the TV to Discovery Channel. “I seriously need help.”

“Yup, I’m your best bet,” Taemin said smugly.

Taemin is probably the worst person to confide in, but he sure had a lot of ideas stuck in that brain of his. It must be from reading too much shoujo manga. Minho decides to listen to the younger man just once.

But Kibum seems impenetrable and doesn’t even notice Minho’s efforts in his gestures to show his feelings. Minho feels like he’s looking at a treasure he wanted so much, and it is within reach, but the treasure chest just won’t open anymore. How ironic is it that what the chest needs to be opened is a key? Minho sighs as he watches Kibum gets ready to go to a party with his friends. If the key is so hard to get, Minho just has to use enough willpower to obtain it.

“I really love you.” It came out really spontaneously, as if the words are just at the tip of his mouth, waiting to be released. He must be really desperate. Minho swallows as he watches Kibum’s face change from pale to pink to a light, dusty red. The box they are carrying topples to the floor, the free cosmetics from their sponsor tumbling out. He quietly stares as Kibum unconsciously wrings his hands together, eyes averting their gaze. Eventually, Kibum mutters something and walks backward for a bit before dashing into his room. Minho follows him with his eyes, spirit sinking, but determination soaring. He needs to back up those words.

The following weeks are quiet and stale, as if everyone is holding his breath. Kibum escapes from the dorm most of the time, going out with friends or with Jinki. Minho could feel the emptiness closing in on him, the thought that Kibum slowly drifts out of reach echoing in his head. He tries to be more determined, to be open about his feelings, but the more he tries hard, the more the frustration sinks in. It’s like he’s in a quicksand, slowly swallowing him whole until he cannot see nor hear anything anymore.

Yet it seems the feeling is short-lived. For Kibum starts these little things that give Minho hints…hints that something changed. There is a slight quiver in Kibum’s fingers when he touches Minho anywhere. There are more stolen glances and nervous shuffling of feet when they’re together. For someone who is so confrontational, Kibum doesn’t speak. Minho doesn’t make a move anymore, doesn’t try to force things to go his way, for he somehow realizes what it all means: there is no reason to unwittingly induce something that is already happening.

Minho is satisfied this way. Because Kibum is right beside him, staying with him. This mere proximity seems enough.

Kibum has seated beside Minho on the floor, tucking his legs under him as he settles to watch a film. Taemin drops a hand from the couch to offer them a fistful of popcorn, but Kibum grimaces and waves him away. Minho laughs, but his chuckle caught in his throat as Kibum placed a hand on his knee. Without even looking at him, Kibum leans sideways, towards him, until his head was placed gently on Minho’s shoulder. They stay that way for the entire film, the other members ignoring them.

Minho freezes on the spot, all his nerve endings concentrating on the weight beside him. The fluttery feeling in his tummy was gone, replaced by a slowly spreading warmth reaching from his chest to the ends of his limbs. This is what he needs. This is all he needs. All those other romancing stints, those other useless plans are not essential anymore.

All it takes is a simple thing.


a/n: thank you for reading! this fic is actually a reversible fic. this means it can be read backwards, starting from the last paragraph to the first. of course, the story might be a bit different this time, but i would be really glad if you would give it a try! start reading the last paragraph, then the second to the last…and so on until you reach the first paragraph :D. for the lazy beans who cannot afford to scroll, here is a link to the reversed fic. thank you again for reading twice!

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