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the art of brushing

pg-13; 1000 words
warnings: ...toothbrushing kink?

Jinki stumbles into the bathroom, rubbing a fist over sleepy eyes. He isn’t even awake yet, merely mechanically moving through his morning routine. From outside, he could hear his manager nagging Taemin to move faster or they’ll be late for their schedules.

Jinki yawns, wondering why they’re even going to the music station when it’s barely morning. he stands in front of the bathroom mirror, forcing his eyes to open properly so he can start washing up and thinking about their schedule. It’s a good thing Kibum woke up early to do some of the chores and get the coffee maker running, even though he spent half of the time he’s awake banging on their doors.


Jinki almost jumps as he turns to his right, surprised that he did not even notice that someone else is in the bathroom. Laughing but thankful to Jonghyun for waking him up, he smiles. “Morning. We’re early today.”

Jonghyun is putting toothpaste on his toothbrush. “Yeah, sucks that we have to record two shows today because of our flight to Japan tomorrow.” He then ducks to the sink to rinse his mouth.

“Oh yeah…” Jinki finally remembers the rest of their schedule. “We can be done early and go back here so we can take a breather,” he says, and Jonghyun merely nods before jamming the toothbrush into his mouth.

Jinki never really pays attention to small chores, small parts of his routine that he can do without thinking much. He isn’t like Key who likes to make sure that every nook and cranny of his skin is free of dead skin cells. But he also isn’t like Taemin who stumbles to bed without even removing his coat. Jinki just does his routine and once he feels clean and comfortable, he is alright. Showering, washing, toothbrushing, shaving–Jinki does them with half his mind focused on schedules and half focused on what he should have for dinner.

Yet today, Jinki discovers that maybe he’s missing out. That maybe toothbrushing isn’t just a part of routine. That maybe it can be a form of art.

Jinki has also grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste and is about to bully Jonghyun to hurry up when he glances up to look at their reflection in the tiny mirror. Suddenly, air is sucked out of his lungs and somehow, playful bantering with Jonghyun doesn’t sound so interesting anymore. Suddenly, there is no need to hurry up with their morning chores.

Jonghyun has his eyes closed, his eyelids fluttering as if he’s enjoying and taking his time. He languidly moves his toothbrush inside his mouth, letting it reach his molars and gently rub them clean. Jinki could see the way Jonghyun’s cheek bulge as he let the tip of his brush push against the sides of his mouth. Jinki watches the way Jonghyun pouts a bit as he brushes the back of his teeth, his lower lip cradling the stem of the toothbrush.

Jinki swallows as he watches Jonghyun grasp the side of the sink even though he still has his eyes closed. He tilts his head sideways and let the toothbrush travel the length of his premolars. He makes a small noise like a moan from the back of his throat as slowly brings his toothbrush towards his lips, then turning it to clean the other side of his mouth.

Jonghyun’s face is a picture of lazy pleasure, as if toothbrushing has given him elevated sensations. Jinki knows Jonghyun has some sort of oral fixation, but he didn’t think that the young man would further it to toothbrushing. Also, just a bit, Jinki didn’t even think he would have a bit of oral fixation, too. Or maybe just a fixation for the way the toothpaste suds cover the edges of Jonghyun’s mouth.

Jinki doesn’t even notice that he’s holding his breath when Jonghyun’s eyes open and meets his through the mirror. Jonghyun raises a brow, but doesn’t stop brushing, tilting his head to the other side to reach the back of his mouth. His lips curls into a smile, if it was even possible, as he turns his toothbrush upside down to clean his top molars. He accidentally brushes against his palate and he slightly coughs and winces at the ticklish feeling.

Jinki grips his toothbrush tightly, not noticing the toothpaste that’s starting to slip from the bristles. His eyes are still locked with Jonghyun through the mirror, and Jonghyun’s not even taking a break from sensually cleaning his teeth. Giving his hyung a wink, Jonghyun sticks his tongue out a bit to clean it, his mouth full of suds. He closes his eyes once more as he gently runs the back of the brush over his tongue. Somehow he must have poked his toothbrush in a bit too far towards his uvula that his eyes widen in surprise. Jonghyun makes a choking sound, which in turn makes Jinki let out something akin to a whimper.

“Jonghyun…” Jinki shakily whispers as Jonghyun removes the toothbrush from his mouth and rinses.

Jonghyun looks up, eyes wide and questioning as if he hasn’t watched Jinki watch him brush his teeth. “Hm?” His lips are red, softened by the minty toothpaste.

Jinki wants to check for himself if Jonghyun has really brushed properly, using his tongue. He grits his teeth and grips his toothbrush and steps towards Jonghyun. Taking a deep breath, Jinki raises his hand and swipes a bit of foam off the corner of Jonghyun’s mouth.

“If you brush like that every day,” Jinki says, wondering when his voice started sound a bit hoarse, “we will always be late.”

Jonghyun scoffs. With a playful jab at Jinki’s ribs, Jonghyun steps out of the bathroom, all the while saying, “Hyung, you should learn to enjoy toothbrushing . Taking time to enjoy the art of cleaning your teeth is therapeutic!”

Oh I definitely enjoyed it, Jinki thinks as he looks at the bent toothbrush in his hand. Cursing, he quickly brushes his teeth.


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first jjong with scientific names kink , now with toothbrush kink *shaking head* u never cease to amaze me!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))