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bandfic; onho
pg; 975 words

The moment he arrived at the dorm from his mini vacation in Brazil, Minho went straight to his room. Only Jonghyun was at the dorm that time, surprisingly lounging around when he could be at home. His hyung opened an eye when the door opened, then sat up when he saw Minho. But Minho only offered him a half-smile and a small wave as he said he’ll just be in his room for a bit.

By a bit he meant almost the whole day.

He shouldn’t be holing up in his room in the first place–he knew the members knew how the game went and probably felt the same as he did. But for some reason, this game made him ache more than the other games he had watched that he only wanted to mope around (as immature as it sounded) and just leave when he’s going for MuCore taping.

He was sure the other members understood, that was why they left him alone for most of the day. He could hear them walking about, shouting at each other from the other side of his bedroom door, and he was thankful that they’re giving him a bit of space. That way he wouldn’t feel so childish about feeling so bad about Korea losing in the World Cup.

Despite the space they’re giving him, Taemin later knocked on his door. Minho was a bit annoyed at the interruption of his nap. But Taemin muttered something about Jinki in the dorm, and Minho sat frozen on his bed.

Jinki had been recovering from surgery all this time and was confined to his home–leaving only for hospital and company visits. They hadn’t seen him for quite a long time already. Minho–for one–was eager to check up on his hyung and see how he’s doing, considering they barely greeted each other during the meeting for their concert. He knew Jinki was feeling down about everything–his absence in rehearsals and concerts, his inability to speak and practice singing, etc–and Minho wanted to at least give their leader a bit of reassurance that everything will be fine.

But the moment he got up from his bed, Minho’s heart still felt heavy from the World Cup match. He wasn’t even playing but he felt that bad. Maybe it’s because he went all the way to Brazil to watch the match? Watching the match via TV couldn’t compare to the intensity in watching the real game. He could almost taste the disappointment of their team and felt his heart go out to them. He knew how it felt to not get the thing they wanted the most and somehow, the sight of Team Korea losing brought a lot of Minho’s memories of his own disappointments back.

Minho lay back with a groan. He wouldn’t be able to face his hyung looking like this. It was atrocious, but he knew Jinki would feel guilty for dropping by just when Minho was nursing a heartache (a sports-related one at that). Minho couldn’t take going out there and showing Jinki a face that’s not meant for comforting. He decided to wait a bit, compose himself and feel cheerful so that he’d be able to face Jinki–who definitely had a bigger problem than he did–with a smile.

Minho didn’t know how much time passed with him just sitting on the bed with his face buried in his hands. Another knock on his door ended his stupor. Sitting up, he waited for Taemin’s call again so he can open the door.

But instead of hearing a voice, he saw a piece of paper being slid under his door. Curious, Minho walked towards the door and picked up the paper.

Minho-yah! :)

Minho blinked as he read his name from the paper. He knew it was Jinki’s handwriting. He looked up and noticed that a couple more papers were slid from under the door. As he picked them up, more sheets followed it. Slowly, he read through them in order.

Welcome home from your trip to Brazil! I just came by from the doctor’s.

Kibum said you’re crying because of the match. Hehehe. It’s okay. I told them you weren’t crying–maybe just tearing up a bit (peace sign)

Minho-goon. You know that disappointing things happen more often than we want to. And it is okay to feel bad about them. It’s okay to want to be alone or want to cry.

You don’t have to tell us your problems or your reasons. You also don’t need to fake a smile for me. Just do what you feel like you need to do.

It’s alright. It will be alright. We will both be alright!

So you have to come and see me when you are ready to give me a real smile, okay? :)

You have to come, Minho-yah.

Oh, by the way. I’m feeling better. I’m not allowed to talk yet and I need to go to therapy on Sunday. But don’t worry I can eat and live :D.

- Jinki ^^

Minho cradled the papers to his chest and ran out of the room, only to find the dorm deserted. A quick note from Jonghyun said they took the car to bring Jinki back home. Clicking his tongue, Minho went back to his room.

On Sunday, Minho waited patiently by the hospital lobby, hidden from potential reporters and fans who could be waiting outside. He had turned off his phone, ignoring Jinki’s frantic text messages asking why there were a dozen box of throat lozenges, a dozen of painkillers, a few boxes of herbal supplements, five neck pillows, and warmth packs delivered to his place.

As he saw Jinki’s car round the corner to the side entrance of the hospital, Minho smiled and walked to that entrance. He had to return Jinki’s thoughtfulness.

But he wanted to do it a hundredfold.


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BEAUTIFUL!!! and frigging adorable :)))))