the art of brushing

pg-13; 1000 words
warnings: ...toothbrushing kink?

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all it takes is a simple thing

pg; 1210 words

a/n: i wrote this for minho’s birthday and also to experiment something :). after you read the fic (and hopefully like it, please make sure to read the author’s notes after. it will explain why i call this a reversific. it took me a while to write this, so i hope it is liked. happy reading!

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seeing good

bandfic!slight ontae
pg; 658 words

Jinki always sees the good in people. )


pet!au; jongyu
pg; 1434 words
a/n: this is not related to my /other/ pet au. why do i have so many of this seriously...

So, like I said, I just need one of you to take Jinki in for a few days while I’m in the school trip. )